From Russia to the cliffs of Finisterre, from the Arctic Circle to the waters of the Mediterranean, the history of the Old Continent is written in its towns and cities, in the culture of its nations and peoples.


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This small and millenary country enclosed in the heart of the Pyrenees has a lot to offer: culture, shopping, ski, hiking, adventure sports, spa, cuisine... What else can we…



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Discover Austria and enjoy the wonderful variety of activities that this corner of Europe offers.


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Located by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a country full of history, art and nature that has still much to discover.

BRU BRU viajes exclusivos Cophengue


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Denmark, a Scandinavian dream country, invites you to explore its rich historical heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes. Is perfect to starting point to explore the remote and stunning Faroe Islands…

BRU BRU Viajes exclusivos Islas Feroe

Faroe Islands

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Discover the beauty of the Faroe Islands with local experts. Explore unspoilt landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls and authentic cultures on Northern Europe's most curious islands.



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There are few places in the world where a landscape changes so radically during the year as in Finland.



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According to Napoleon, France is a country from which one can not live a long time away from, because one longs for it.



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Greece is a country full of history and incredible Mediterranean landscapes that will leave you breathless.


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Iceland is definitely a must-see destination for nature lovers and explorers in search of new adventures.

Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos - Tren Belmond Grand Hibernian, Irlanda


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The "Emerald Isle" has crisscross acres of patchwork fields and craggy coasts.


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Italy is a land of passion. Landscapes, fragrances, colours, history, art, cuisine... Enjoy unique Italian experiences through its art, history, fashion, sea, cuisine and wine.



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Nestled between a mountainous region and the beautiful and picturesque coastline of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is full of lovely well-preserved ancient and charming old villages.



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Some countries draw you to visit them, even if you don’t know exactly why. Norway is one of them.



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Portugal offers a combination of the most modern and emblematic cities, the most beautiful beaches and the best waves for surf lovers.



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In BRU&BRU we offer routes and itineraries in Spain as well as an exclusive hand-picked selection of the best properties and hotels in the country.



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From darkness to sunlight, from snow-covered landscapes to green prairies, Sweden is a country to discover while it changes from season to season.



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Switzerland is synonymous with nature. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, this small country offers postcard landscapes, from its high white summits to its valleys, rivers and meadows,…


United Kingdom

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Choosing between England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland is no easy task, as in each of these places you can find fascinating treasures.

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Other Regions in Europe



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In winter, Scandinavia is covered in snow and ice, and there’s a unique and incredible natural show in the skies, the Northern Lights. In the summer, the ice gives…


Northern Europe

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Northern Europe offers modern and cosmopolitan cities such as London and Berlin, as well as rough and spectacular landscapes such as the coasts of Ireland, Scotland or Denmark.


Southern Europe

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Southern Europe is bathed by the calm waters and the warm light of the Mediterranean. Get lost among its picturesque towns and charming cities, and admire the landscapes with…

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