We make the impossible

Because we are not a travel agency,
we are an agency of travellers

bru & bru agencia de viajes exclusivos antártida anabru

At BRU & BRU we are convinced that life is a journey, and we are here to make sure that each of your trips is an unforgettable experience.

We are born to travel!


We are tireless travellers

And as we enjoy to share what we love, we put our broad experience at your disposal to ensure that each trip is once-in-a-lifetime.

Why travel with BRU & BRU?


Our proposals are unique and bespoke

All our trips are custom-made, designed specially for you after discovering what you are passionate about.

Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, if you are looking for an adventure or a relaxing getaway, we will do our best to make it happen. And you will always be in the best hands. Because for us, our travellers’ safety comes first.


For us, people is the most important

We have experienced travellers who know our destinations perfectly and who will show you the most special places in each of them. You choose if you want to travel with a traditional guide, a specialised professional or an insider who will accompany you like a friend.

Because to find magic in a faraway greek island, in the bustling city of Tokyo or in a secret temple in Bhutan is possible, if you trust us.

We will design your ideal trip

We have experienced first-hand everything we recommend

Our proposals are personalized, special, unique. And if we have not yet visited your dream destination, we will do so to bring you its best. Tell us, we take on.

However, if you do not have a destination planned, Ana Bru and the team will be happy to recommend our favourite places and to design the perfect journey with you.

You will be a privileged guest anywhere in the world

Our years of experience and the great relationship we have with our partners ensure you an exclusive service wherever you go.

Explore the world with us

And, in every trip, we will make possible that you live unique and incomparable moments that you will remember forever.

Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos, Virgin Galactic viajes espaciales

At BRU & BRU we are Future Astronauts

Ana Bru will be the first Spanish woman to travel to space in a suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic. An experience that is getting closer. From 2007 we are Accredited Space Agents and we are going to tell you all the news. Join our space community!


Our team knows such remote and special places that you will want to keep them forever in your memory, and come back to them again and again!

Throughout our professional career we have travelled the world in search of the most special places.

We have slept under the stars in the Zambian savannah, explored Antarctica by kayak and witnessed eclipses in the Gobi desert. We have entered the heart of Papua New Guinea, went across Southeast Asia aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express and gone paragliding over the Musandam Peninsula.

We treasure unique moments and want to share them with you.

Bru & Bru agencia exclusiva, Ana Bru en White desert Antártida, Polo Sur
Bru & Bru agencia exclusiva, Ana Bru en White desert Antártida, Polo Sur
Bru & Bru agencia exclusiva, Ana Bru en White desert Antártida, Polo Sur

We are constantly searching new adventures

We want you to live incredible moments. We constantly look for new experiences and we travel to show you the world our way. We will go back to Antarctica and travel to the South Pole in a new exciting adventure. Do you want to enjoy a total eclipse in 2020?

Follow your dreams

Become a genuine cowboy Discover the South Pole Fly over the world from a bird's eye view Get lost in a faraway island Live the wild nature

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