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Volunteering with Teresa Garolera

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Teresa Garolera is our expert in Volunteering in Africa, specifically in Malawi and Kenya. She has many years of experience in cooperation projects for development in the fields of teaching, business, agriculture, health and women's promotion.



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Pristine white sand beaches, pink coral sand beaches, crystal-clear and turquoise water, seabeds thriving with the most surprising fauna and flora.



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Discover the most amazing sceneries, spectacular landscapes and wild nature in its purest form.


Gonzalo Gil Lavedra

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Gonzalo is not easy to categorise. There are no tags or labels that could really fit him well. He is a mix of old school diplomat, with a tinge of wild, a passionate commitment for the arts, history, culture and people. Above all, always seeking to go deeper and beyond the surface of things. One thing we can tell you for sure is that he is a hopeless romantic a modern-day flâneur. Each journey with him is an unrepeatable and unscripted memory. In a nutshell, joining Gonzalo on an adventure is going back to the days when traveling was a revealing endeavour that changed your life.

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