South America

South America is a region of mind-blowing natural landscapes: lakes, volcanoes, jungles, impressive waterfalls and incredible remains of ancestral cultures.


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From the Andes to Mar del Plata, going through the vast pampas, in Argentina you will find a country that goes beyond its geographical limits.



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Nature, culture, adventure ... Be surprised by Bolivia’s landscapes, rich history, ancestral traditions and the kindness and warmth of its people.



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Lights, colour, warmth, rhythm, beaches, jungle, rivers, islands, culture, cuisine, adventure... This and more is what you can find in Brazil, a country of great contrasts.



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Discovering Chile is opening to a new world of attractions: deserts, lakes and volcanoes, vineyards, glaciers and the most assorted cuisine. It's the perfect mixture between natural landscapes, ancestral…


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Traveling to Colombia only has a risk: you wanting to stay! You can feel the country’s captivating vibrations and positive atmosphere as soon as you get there.



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Ecuador can brag about having the densest biodiversity in the planet, containing hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna that inspired Charles Darwin almost two centuries ago.…

falkland islands

Falkland Islands

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Wild beaches, beautiful and remote landscapes, and an incredible bird life. This is the Falkland Islands: a hidden place in the South Atlantic Ocean where silence is only broken…



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Trek the legendary Inca Trail, witness the powerful history of Machu Picchu, admire the mysterious Nazca lines, sail on Lake Titicaca, savour the best Peruvian cuisine in Lima… What…

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Other Regions in America



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The Caribbean perfectly combines the charm of its colonial towns with the beauty of its paradise beaches and turquoise waters, the catchy Latin rhythms with the kindness of its…


Central America

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Enter the lush jungles of Central America and discover their best kept secrets: amazing landscapes, a unique wildlife and plant life, adventure-filled experiences and the remains and pyramids of…


North America

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North America offers vast plains, great lakes, endless natural parks sharing the territory with the most emblematic, modern and amazing cities.

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