To say Asturias is to speak of great mountains and imposing cliffs. To find rain and green meadows. To small fishing villages with an infinite palette of colors. To say Asturias is to speak of welcoming palaces and beautiful mansions. Of hospitable and kind people.
Welcome to the North!


A beautiful palace located in the town of Figueras would be our home for 48 intense hours, a palace just for us!

Figuera's palace is an architectural marvel, both inside and out.
Every ceiling beam, every stone frame, and every floor has been restored by true craftsmen, using ancient techniques to maintain its essence. The decoration combines antique pieces of great value with modern designer furniture, giving a fresh and welcoming style to the different rooms.

We stayed in our respective suites: Ana in Don Pelayo and me in the Gaudiosa Suite, all the rooms are of exquisite taste. In total eleven beautiful and cozy rooms.


The gastronomy of the Palace is worth mentioning, which is characterized by a combination of traditional Asturian and Mediterranean cuisine with an avant-garde touch, prepared in their own kitchens by chef Leo. What a great discovery!

He prepares a succulent majar, always flexible for all kinds of intolerances and allergies.


Staying and sleeping in a Palace is an extraordinary experience, a feeling of calm and relaxation. Paradoxically, the night is silent and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Who will have slept during our stay in the past? As I think about it... I fall asleep.



The next day, after a large and hearty breakfast, we leave the palace to explore the surrounding countryside and its beautiful villages and beaches. The fine rain is still making an appearance, but we don't mind, we are in Asturias, in one day we can experience all the seasons of the year.


The first village we visit is Castropol, a neighboring village just a few meters from the Palace, where we have lunch overlooking the Ero estuary.

We will visit the best beaches on the Asturian coast, the wind makes its presence felt and we love it! We continue the route, the beaches are beautiful, Luarca, Tapia de Casariego, and Ribadeo.

We visit the Palace of the four towers of Donlebún, located in the town of Barres, very close to Figuera's Palace. This palace rises above a u-shaped courtyard where the Trenor cactus collection is located. Very beautiful!


They say that in Asturias it doesn't rain, it just caresses the cheek.
It's time to say goodbye. They ask me if it is raining, I tell them no, that they are tears of emotion and sadness.

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