Crafting Emotions
An experience that nobody else will live
Discover a new way to travel
the world

A unique, exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience that will be part of your memories forever. An unexpected trip to the essence of each destination, its people, culture, gastronomy and its way of understanding life. A trip in which luxury is something created especially for you, based on small details, experiences and dreams. An ephemeral journey that doesn’t last in time and is not anchored to the same place. A sustainable trip, in harmony with the environment and respectful of the planet. A trip in which you will live an experience that no one else will be able to live afterwards and that will only exist in the memory of those who have already lived it.

crafting emotions

"Since the creation of the boutique agency BRU&BRU in 2005 we have always strived to transmit our passion for traveling to our clients, sharing our experience, getting to know each of the proposals we offer, providing each trip with an emotional content, taking care of every detail, innovating in our destinations and in the way that we experience them, because for BRU&BRU traveling is not just traveling. In this tireless search we have taken another step forward; we present Crafting Emotions"


Amazing Escapes

It's a back to the basics. It's a way to travel that merges
the nomadic spirit with the essence of luxury.

Discover the new pop-up camps program

Northern Iceland - Sold out! March-May 2018
Lapland December 2018-February 2019
Australia (Kimberley) June-July 2019
Mongolia August-September 2019
Russia (Lake Baikal) March-April 2020
Oman (Empty Quarter) October-November 2018
Greenland March-April 2019
Bolivia Travesia July-September 2019
Antarctica December 2019-February2020
Alaska August-September 2020

Or, if you want, you can choose your own destination and travel to any
corner of the planet. Wherever you want, we will create something special for you.

All our camps boast luxury tents (the type of tent will depend on the destination), all of them with private en-suite bathroom, running hot and cold water, heating, king-size bed and also a shared lounge and restaurant tents.

The new luxury is the return
to the basics
1. A unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You will enjoy an ephemeral experience created especially for you that no one else will live afterwards. You will have to seize the moment because once it’s over, the experience will disappear forever.
Crafting Emotions is not just a trip, it's an experience you'll never forget. It’s admiring the Northern Lights, hearing the silence, walking where no one has ever walked before, tasting something authentic, feeling that you are living something unique.

2. Redefining luxury.

Luxury is going back to the origins, to the small details. It’s having running water in the desert, taking a hot shower surrounded by snow, feeling the softness of the sheets woven by hand, drinking from a mug carved by local artisans, being able to enjoy all the comfort in unforgettable places.

3. Travel while taking care of the planet.

The experience is important, but how you experience it is more important. Doing it in a sustainable way, with solar atmospheric generators that collect water from the air and supply hot and cold water, obtaining the energy from solar panels or windmills. Travel to any part of the world while taking care of the environment.

¿Who is Crafting Emotions for?

If you thought you already knew everything about travel. If you like to travel but you don’t like to do it like everyone else. If you like unique experiences within reach of a few. If you want to visit places in the world where very few people have been, without giving up the comfort and luxury. If you appreciate the small details and the personalised treatment. If you don’t want to be a "tourist” and you want to be part of the culture of the place you visit, and get to know their customs and traditions. If you want to travel without forgetting sustainability and you don’t want to leave your footprint wherever you go.

Crafting Emotions Experiences