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Arctic & Galactic, BRU&BRU's fourth monographic travel book, is dedicated to the most unexplored territories in and outside the planet: the Poles and space, with a selection of Virgin Galactic novelties.

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arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic
arctic & galactic

The Arctic, with its wonderful landscapes and fauna, is featured in the first part of the book. The amazing Arctic destinations and experiences contribute to the awareness of the need to preserve the fragile habitat of one of the most unexplored and spectacular areas of our planet.

And beyond our dear planet Earth... Space. Virgin Galactic offers the opportunity to admire the Earth from an altutide of approximately 110 km, an indescribable and unique experience.

The last part of Arctic & Galactic is dedicated to one of the most magical natural phenomenons that exist: sun eclipses and the possibility to admire them from remote places of the planet.

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