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ABC, Ana Bru de la agencia de viajes de lujo Bru & Bru será la primera turistas espacial de Virgin Galactic

The new era of space tourism – ABC

Web Published 19.07.2021
Bru & Bru agencia de viajes, Ana Bru en la presentación de los trajes espaciales de Virgin Galactic, 2019

Ana Bru bought her ticket to space 13 years ago – Business insider

Web Published 13.07.2021
Entrevista a Ana Bru, de Bru & Bru, en El Periódico. Futura astronauta de Virgin Galactic

Interview at "Perfiles" – El Periódico

Web Published 08.07.2021
bru & bru arsenal magazine

OceanSky Cruises presentation – Revista Arsenal

Press Published 10.03.2021
Cesar Pacheco entrevista a Ana Bru

Cesar Pacheco speaks with Ana Bru – Cesar Pacheco®

Video Published 15.12.2020
ana bru virgin galactic travel story

Interview to Ana Bru at Són 4 dies – Radio 4

Web Published 11.12.2020

Ana Bru will be the first Spanish space tourist – Periodista Digital

Web Published 25.10.2019

Ana Bru on TV: "Ben Trobats" –

Video Published 02.10.2019

Ana Bru, first Spanish woman who will travel to space – Periodista Digital

Web Published 23.09.2019
cazadores de eclipses

Eclipse hunters – La Razón

Web Published 18.03.2019
SUTUS TR febrero 19

Ana Bru, speaker at SUTUS – Tu Revista

Press Published 05.02.2019
10 razones

10 reasons to travel with BRU&BRU – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 17.12.2018
virgin galactic

Spaniards with tickets to space – El Confidencial

Web Published 10.08.2018
virgin galactic

Spanish adventurers flying to space –

Web Published 10.08.2018
Arsenal verano 2018

Harley Davidson tours in the USA – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 11.07.2018
ana bru BRU&BRU

X-ray photograph of luxury toursits with Ana Bru – CincoDías

Press Published 17.05.2018
Radio Internacional

Ana Bru on Mundo Noticias – Radio Internacional

Web Published 16.04.2018
ana bru egorevista

Influencers: Ana Bru – Egorevista

Press Published 05.04.2018

Crafting Emotions and new website – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 15.12.2017

Presenting Crafting Emotions – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 15.09.2017

Female entrepreneurs: Ana Bru – Sintetia

Web Published 01.08.2017

Sudan, Botswana and Colombia – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 15.06.2017
zumba el mundo

Zumba Fitness Concert with BIP – El Mundo

Press Published 21.05.2017

Ángel Jané's interview to Ana Bru – Turismo espacial

Video Published 10.04.2017

Harley Davidson, Yoga and La Garrotxa – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 09.04.2017

Sri Lanka at BRU&BRU – El Mundo

Press Published 29.01.2017

Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Africa – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 15.12.2016

Soneva at BRU&BRU – El Mundo

Press Published 25.10.2016

Ethiopia, Lapland and Soneva Jani in Maldives – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 10.10.2016

Ana Bru interview – BARCELONAUTES

Video Published 04.10.2016

10 Honeymoons for adventurers – Vogue

Web Published 23.07.2016

Ana Bru on air on Anem de Tarda – Radio 4

Web Published 20.07.2016

Yoga in Sri Lanka and the best of Peru – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 08.07.2016

BRU&BRU Special – NP Magazine

Press Published 01.07.2016

Trump International Golf Links in Scotland – Space ARSENAL

Press Published 15.05.2016

The emotion of luxury – La ventana de Manena

Web Published 22.03.2016

Honeymoon trends 2016 – Condé Nast Traveler

Web Published 16.02.2016

Super BRU – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 30.12.2015

Trump lifestyle at MacLeod House – Fuera de Serie

Press Published 17.10.2015

Ana Bru in Dossier Rompedores – QUO Magazine

Press Published 04.10.2015

Not without my photographer – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 02.10.2015

Vegetable garden at BRU&BRU – Relaciones Gastronómicas

Web Published 10.07.2015

BRU&BRU 10th Anniversary – El Mundo

Press Published 07.07.2015

Ana Bru interview on Anem de Tarda – Radio 4

Web Published 27.05.2015

Fogo Island Inn by BRU&BRU – Woman Magazine

Press Published 01.05.2015

Ana Bru: the travel Dream Team – Fuera de Serie

Press Published 28.04.2015

Spaniards don't let go of their Space dream – La Razón

Press Published 07.11.2014

Around the world on a private jet – Elle

Press Published 24.07.2014

Epic Africa by BRU&BRU – Woman Magazine

Press Published 01.07.2014

In & Out trips by BRU&BRU – Vanity Fair

Press Published 01.07.2014

30 enthralling destinations – El Viajero (El País)

Press Published 30.05.2014

Round-the-world-trip Limited Edition – La Vanguardia

Press Published 18.05.2014

Ana Bru interview – Expansión

Press Published 06.05.2014

BRU&BRU in Cronos Magazine – Cronos

Press Published 14.04.2014

The Catalan Space business – El Periódico

Press Published 18.03.2014

Also by private jet – El Periódico

Press Published 10.12.2013

The return to retro – Yo Dona (El Mundo)

Press Published 25.05.2013

Virgin Galactic promotes "low cost" satellites – El Mundo

Press Published 12.07.2012

Waiting list for the object of your desire – Cinco Días

Press Published 19.05.2012

The most romantic trips in the world – Elle

Press Published 01.02.2012

Guide to the most charming planets – Ocholeguas

Web Published 09.01.2012
el mundo

The Space tourism race begins – El Mundo

Press Published 04.01.2012

Ski in Switzerland by BRU&BRU – ABC

Press Published 24.12.2011

Ana Bru at the Juvanteny Foundation – El Mundo

Press Published 27.11.2011

Tickets to go beyond the stratosphere – El Mundo

Press Published 18.10.2011

The Spanish dream: being an astronaut – Economía Digital

Web Published 14.07.2011

BRU&BRU at the CN Traveler Awards – Condé Nast Traveler

Press Published 06.06.2011

Life is a Journey travel book by BRU&BRU – Condé Nast Traveler

Press Published 05.06.2011

Horse riding in the Okavango – Fuera de Serie

Press Published 05.05.2011

Looking for the impossible – Condé Nast Traveler

Press Published 04.05.2011

Eclipse hunters – Ara

Press Published 03.01.2011

Tickets to travel to Space – El Nuevo Herald

Web Published 23.10.2010

The start of Space tourism – El Mundo (Eureka)

Press Published 17.10.2010

L4 & BRU on Zoom Tendencias – La 2

Video Published 08.07.2010

10 destinations with no tourists – Elle

Press Published 01.07.2010

Richard Branson presents Necker Nymph – Fuera de Serie

Press Published 18.06.2010

L4&BRU presentation event – El Mundo de Carles Martorell

Web Published 16.05.2010

L4 & BRU presentation party – La Vanguardia

Press Published 15.05.2010

Presenting the first L4 & BRU catalogue – Europa Press

Press Published 10.05.2010

Spaniards sign up for Space travel – Telecinco

Press Published 25.03.2010

Ana Bru interview – La Vanguardia (Viajar)

Press Published 25.03.2010

Ana Bru on Zoom TV – 8TV

Video Published 06.03.2010

Astronaut for 200.000 $ – Negocio & Estilo de Vida

Press Published 09.12.2009

A spaceship for tourists – ABC

Web Published 09.12.2009

Space tourism is closer than ever – El País

Web Published 08.12.2009

SpaceShipTwo unveiling in the United States – El Economista

Web Published 07.12.2009

SpaceShipTwo presentation in the US – Europa Press

Web Published 06.12.2009

Zero gravity within reach of the wealthy – Cinco Días

Web Published 05.12.2009

To infinity and beyond – Yo Dona (El Mundo)

Press Published 10.10.2009

A huge leap to Space – Emprendedores

Press Published 01.09.2009

A stroll among the clouds – Telva

Press Published 01.09.2009

BRU&BRU on Els Matins (part 2) – TV3

Video Published 20.07.2009

BRU&BRU on Els Matins (part 1) – TV3

Video Published 20.07.2009

Branson celebrated his birthday in Barcelona – La Vanguardia

Press Published 19.07.2009
El Mundo

The most profitable aerial business – El Mundo

Press Published 21.06.2009

"High cost" tourism – DT

Press Published 01.06.2009

Alimara Awards ceremony by Grup CETT – Hosteltur

Web Published 24.04.2009

A luxury expedition to the Poles – Cinco Días

Press Published 07.03.2009

Ana Bru, the super travel agent – MAN

Web Published 04.03.2009

A ticket to the cosmos – DT

Press Published 01.03.2009

The pricey whim to make history – Negocio & Estilo de Vida

Press Published 23.01.2009

A "spaceport" in the suburbs – Cinco Días

Press Published 23.01.2009

Twelve Spanish tourists will be going to Space – El Mundo

Press Published 23.01.2009

Ana Bru: I am already centrifuge-proof – El País

Press Published 21.01.2009

From Lleida to Space – Avui

Press Published 12.01.2009

Destination, Space – La Vanguardia Magazine

Press Published 11.01.2009

Special article on luxury – El Mundo Magazine

Press Published 30.11.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – Canal 9

Video Published 29.07.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – ETB

Video Published 29.07.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – Telemadrid

Video Published 29.07.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – La Sexta Noticias

Video Published 29.07.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – CNN

Video Published 29.07.2008

News: Virgin Galactic – Antena 3

Video Published 29.07.2008

A family trip to Space – La Vanguardia

Press Published 29.07.2008

Space travel gets warmed up – ¡Hola!

Web Published 29.07.2008

Twelve Spaniards will be traveling to Space – Expansión

Press Published 29.07.2008

A spaceship for tourists – El Mundo

Press Published 29.07.2008

Ana Bru: The first tourist to travel into darkness – El Economista

Press Published 29.07.2008

Virgin Galactic will offer Space flights in 2009 – Cinco Días

Press Published 29.07.2008

Ana Bru: The first Spanish woman to Space – ¡Hola!

Press Published 09.07.2008

Twelve Spaniards will travel to Space in 2009 – Cinco Días

Press Published 17.06.2008

Twelve Spaniards have bought tickets to Space – 20 Minutos

Press Published 17.06.2008

Twelve Spaniards will be travelling to Space – La Vanguardia

Web Published 16.06.2008

BRU&BRU in Plaers – Avui

Press Published 01.06.2008

Five luxurious and impulsive destinations – Mujer de Hoy

Press Published 31.05.2008

BRU&BRU at Conde de Godó Trophy – La Vanguardia

Press Published 05.05.2008

Trips that will make you dream – Cinco Días

Press Published 03.05.2008

Space within reach for 200.000 $ – Diari d'Andorra

Press Published 01.03.2008

Looking for astronauts – El Periòdic d’Andorra

Press Published 01.03.2008

The first Spanish woman in Space – El Mundo Magazine

Press Published 10.02.2008

Zero Gravity – De Viajes

Press Published 01.02.2008

Branson, flight connection to Space – El País

Press Published 25.01.2008

The spaceship of the Space Era – ABC

Press Published 25.01.2008

Two hours in Space – La Razón

Press Published 25.01.2008

Noon news: Virgin Galactic – Antena 3

Video Published 24.01.2008

Night news: Virgin Galactic – Antena 3

Video Published 24.01.2008

Virgin Galactic presents its spaceship – Antena 3

Web Published 24.01.2008

Ana Bru in La Contra – La Vanguardia

Press Published 08.01.2008

Travel to the heart of Northern Lights – El Mundo

Press Published 03.01.2008

Ana Bru, first Spanish woman in Space – Rutas del Mundo

Press Published 01.01.2008

Virgin Galactic: take a space trip – Romantique & Chic

Press Published 01.01.2008

Ana Bru y Ramon Segarra – ARSENAL Magazine

Press Published 01.01.2008

Sólo ellas: Ana Bru (part 2) – Canal Antena Nova

Video Published 31.12.2007

Sólo ellas: Ana Bru (part 1) – Canal Antena Nova

Video Published 31.12.2007

Out of orbit – Fuera de Serie

Press Published 28.12.2007

Virgin Galactic presentation – Hola

Press Published 26.12.2007

Training to be galactic – Estilos de Vida (La Vanguardia)

Press Published 22.12.2007

Cosmic airs at BRU&BRU – Cinco Días

Press Published 01.12.2007

Forget neckties – Men's Health

Press Published 01.12.2007

Secret December agenda – Telva

Press Published 01.12.2007

Space trips for everyone – La Vanguardia

Press Published 30.11.2007

Branson promotes his Space flights in Barcelona – El Periódico

Press Published 30.11.2007

Virgin Galactic selects BRU&BRU in Spain –

Web Published 29.11.2007

2009 Space Odissey – El Periódico Dominical

Press Published 18.11.2007

Very dinamic gettaways – Yo Dona (El Mundo)

Press Published 17.11.2007

Galactic travel fever – Actualidad Económica

Press Published 01.11.2007

BRU&BRU Accredited Space Agent – Nexotur

Web Published 30.10.2007

Ana Bru on El Club (part 1) – TV3

Video Published 25.10.2007

Ana Bru on El Club (part 2) – TV3

Video Published 25.10.2007

Flying 110 km high – 20 Minutos

Press Published 25.10.2007

Observing the Earth from Space – Cinco Días

Press Published 25.10.2007

A 141.000 € flight to Space... All included – El Economista

Press Published 25.10.2007

Travel to Space for 140.000 € from 2009 – El Mundo

Press Published 25.10.2007

Four minutes in Space – El País

Press Published 25.10.2007

Tickets to go to Space – El Periódico

Press Published 25.10.2007

BRU&BRU will sell Virgin Galactic flights – Expansión

Press Published 25.10.2007

"Low cost" Space travelling – La Gaceta

Press Published 25.10.2007

Space flights – Negocio & Estilo de Vida

Press Published 25.10.2007

News: Virgin Galactic – Antena 3

Video Published 24.10.2007

Seeing our planet from 110 km is worth it – El Periódico

Press Published 30.08.2007


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