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ski suiza

Switzerland Swiss Alps: a 007 ski adventure

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Have lunch at the Piz Gloria, the highest restaurant in the world, like James Bond in the movie, fly over one of the largest glaciers in Europe by helicopter,…

swiss ski safari

Switzerland Alpine heliski getaway

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Enjoy a very exclusive ski journey whizzing down the Alps' most exhilarating slopes and criss-crossing the natural borders of three countries: Switzerland, Italy and France. A unique and special…

Switzerland Properties


Switzerland Hotel de Rougemont

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Located in the town of Rougemont, in the Swiss Alps, Hotel de Rougemont is a boutique Alpine-style chalet built in the mountains, located just a 2-hour drive from Geneva,…

the chedi andermatt

Switzerland The Chedi Andermatt

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The Chedi Andermatt will captivate and move you with its authenticity, the unusual liaison of Alpine chic and Asian expression. At the heart of the Swiss Alps, this exclusive…

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Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos - Tren Belmond Grand Hibernian, Irlanda


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The "Emerald Isle" has crisscross acres of patchwork fields and craggy coasts.

Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos, destino Rusia


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Considered as the most large country in the world, the borders of Russia spreads from Europe to Asia, just as the wonders you can witness. From the landmark city…


United Kingdom

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Choosing between England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland is no easy task, as in each of these places you can find fascinating treasures.



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From the beautiful streets full of history of Budapest to its best thermal baths, Hungary has an utterly captivating charm.



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Discover Austria and enjoy the wonderful variety of activities that this corner of Europe offers.



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Discover Germany, a country filled with history, from the modern city of Berlin to the natural beauty of Schwarzwald, the Black Forest.


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