Travel back in time and get into Africa, the cradle of humanity, a fascinating continent from north to south: from the Sahara desert to the Cape of Good Hope, from the Congo jungles to the Great Rift Valley.


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Botswana takes part in one of the biggest natural phenomenons of the planet. Literally, it's a giant oasis that is home to an incredible wildlife and that you will…



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You will be amazed by the Pharaonic culture that for more than 3,000 years was one of the most powerful and emblematic civilizations in history. Ancestral cultures, traditions, history,…



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The Danakil desert, the salt and sulfur formations of Dallol, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the nature of Bale Mountains National Park…



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Welcome to Kenya! Or as they say in Swahili: Karibu Kenya! Off the beaten track, there is a marvelous African univers waiting to be discovered.



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The epic landscapes of Madagascar will astonish you. Enjoy a trip among lemurs and baobabs, and discover this African island!


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The perfect combination: crystal clear water, white sand, palm trees, warm temperature, nature, culture and sports. What else can we ask for in this quarter of the Indigo Ocean?



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As-salamu 'alaykum! You will feel the exoticism of Morocco just by setting foot on this country, where you will discover a fascinating universe and a millenary and evocative culture…



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Mozambique can be proud of having some of the most idyllic beaches in Africa. Crystal clear waters and white sand beaches are blended with a unique cultural legacy, marked…


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Namibia is a country to discover either by car or by plane, stopping at some of the most remote places on Earth.


Republic of the Congo

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The Republic of the Congo is an African country that remains largely unknown. Remote, unexplored and challenging, it stands out as one of the most attractive countries in Africa,…


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A country of wild nature where you will be able to admire the mountain gorillas through the leafy forests of bamboo, in the Volcanoes National Park.



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Coral reefs and granite islands, leafy vegetation and warm turquoise waters, timeless beauty... A mixture of cultures and multi-ethnic art that has witnessed different historical influences.

South Africa

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Everything is possible in South Africa. Discovering Cape Town and Cape Peninsula with our best guides, playing golf in the most spectacular courses or going on marine safaris to…



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Sudan is a magical, captivating and surprising country with incredible landscapes and astonishing archeological remains. Discover the highlights of this unknown destination and wander among the pyramids without the…



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From Mount Kilimanjaro to the fantastic beaches of Zanzibar and Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania is a destination full of surprises.



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Uganda, also known as the pearl of Africa for its green valleys, great lakes and spectacular mountains, is one of the most fascinating destinations of the continent.



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Explore Zambia, a remote and unknown country where you will be able to admire the great diversity of wildlife characteristic of southern Africa. Moreover, in Zambia you will be…

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Everything went great and we really enjoyed the trip, wonderful... We loved Botswana, when we were there we almost couldn’t believe it, all the camps were fantastic. Only the Kalahari, which we loved once there, but getting there took a long time, two small planes and then three hours by jeep, practically the whole journey in a straight line... This was a bit hard, but the experience was worth it; the desert is incredible, such a special place. Esperanza, Nature and adventure in Africa
I wanted to thank you for organising everything because it’s been a success, the perfect flights, everything has gone wonderfully well, the magnificent hotel, the fascinating island, an incredible weather and everything we could ask for. We have all enjoyed it so much and my children are still so excited, and this is exactly what we were wishing for. Elena, Mauritius: a paradise island

Other Regions in Africa


Southern Africa

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Discover the extraordinary diversity of Southern Africa: explore the African savannah, climb the Kilimanjaro, play golf in the best courses in South Africa, enjoy wine-tasting in Hermanus, tour the…


Northern Africa

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The mysticism of Northern Africa is captivating: the kasbahs, medinas, souks, mosques… Admire the thousand-year-old pyramids of Egypt, sail the Nile or spend a night under the stars in…

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