The Asian continent exudes a magnetic exoticism that captures travellers from the very first moment. A place of fascinating contradictions, where one can get lost in the crowd and find oneself in the tranquility of a temple, on the same day.


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Once upon a time, in the majestic Himalayan mountains, there was a small kingdom where money was not the most important thing; the most important thing was happiness. Although…



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When we think of Cambodia we inevitably think of Angkor, a beautiful and overwhelming place full of history. But Cambodia is much more than that...



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There is an out of the ordinary, free of agglomerations China, and at BRU&BRU we love it!



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Georgia is located at the intersection between Europe and Asia; an old Soviet Republic that stretches from the Caucasus Mountains to the beaches of the Black Sea.



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India leaves no one indifferent. A country with a millenary culture in which you will be able to live many life-changing experiences.



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Indonesia stretches out over the Southeast Asian seas to surprise you with a wide variety of landscapes, all of which are simply incredible.



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Israel: a land of deserts full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes is waiting for you!



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Can you imagine the perfect and harmonious mixture of avant-garde modernity ant the most ancestral traditions? The Land of the Rising Sun offers the most striking contrasts.



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Jordan is a land where the dreams of adventure and discovery come true. Travel from ancient Jerash to the desert of Wadi Rum and bathe in the waters of…



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Buddhist culture intertwined with colonial architecture, ancient temples and an outstanding nature, dolphins, tigers…



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A slice of paradise on Earth... Islands scattered over the turquoise sea of ​​the Indian Ocean with coral reefs, white sand beaches and palm trees.



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Mongolia is an ideal destination for those who have a nomadic heart and enjoy the most unspoilt and remote nature.



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Myanmar is a place to enjoy the traditions and simple pleasures of life.



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According to legend, Nepal was born of a magic lotus flower in a lake in the valley of Kathmandu. It is a small but great country, flanked by the…


North Korea

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North Korea is the most isolated nation in the world; an unsettling but fascinating place unlike any other destination you've visited before.



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Oman's a country where nature, culture and flavours are perfectly mingled.



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Philippines is a vast archipelago rich in natural resources, with an interesting history and a unique culture.



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Singapore is much more than just a modern Asian city. It offers an enviable strategic position in Southeast Asia, and it’s constantly evolving.


Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a land full of exoticism, culture, landscapes, beaches, mountains and eight World Heritage Sites.



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Culture, history and mysticism intermingled with exotic rainforest, tropical beaches and delicious cuisine.



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In Turkey, East and West coexist: its landscapes, its people, its culture and cuisine are combined to reflect the bond of two continents, two capitals (one of them historical)…


United Arab Emirates

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Its strategic position between East and West, its national airlines and modern airports make the United Arab Emirates a very accessible country, as well as the ideal stop for…



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Uzbekistan’s history is reflected in its mosques, madrasas, minarets and mausoleums of intricate blue and green mosaics, ancient fortresses, exotic bazaars...



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The hustle and bustle of Hanoi, the colonial history of Saigon, the quaint charisma of Halong Bay, the crystal clear waters of Con Dao Islands, the unique environment of…

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Singapore and Hong Kong were even better than we expected. Shanghai far exceeded our expectations. Josep Maria, Discover the different sides of China
Here we are, back and happy!! Only a few lines because the trip has been great, very interesting and it has been perfectly organised! How wonderful were the three hotels, well we already knew that the Aman would amaze us as always, but we also loved the Peninsula in Shanghai!! And then getting lost in Amanfuya, well, with those temples and monks and the lights and the tea fields and that little town... Silence and tranquility, and reflexology and massages, what a delight... Mayam, Discover the different sides of China
I wanted to thank you deeply for the organisation of the trip and the care you’ve put into it. It has been, quite simply, perfect: the itinerary, visits, temples and activities, the choice of hotels, the availability of the minivan and the guide, and the seaplane was the icing on the cake! Jose María, Discovering Sri Lanka
The trip went very well. India has offered so many new experiences... Something we will never forget! Pilar, The thousand faces of India
The trip terrific, as always. Truly incredible. We went diving one day and then we enjoyed the massages and the food, as well as the hotel. We also went biking one day. Very cool! Alberto, Discovering Thailand
Burma has amazed us for the quality of our guide, the kindness of its people and the good organisation, despite it’s still an underdeveloped country. We congratulate you for the quality of the trip. Josep Maria, Culture and mysticism in Myanmar
Vietnam truly amazed us because of the quality of our guide and the beauty of the visits. Josep Maria, Discovering Vietnam
We’ve enjoyed it a lot, it’s been amazing. Personally, I liked the ideal combination between visiting cities, culture, and then beach and relaxation. In general, a "10/10” holiday from which we will keep wonderful memories for many years. Thank you for suggesting Vietnam and organising an unforgettable family vacation. Aileen, Discovering Vietnam
Yesterday night, we got back from the trip that you have organised with so much care. Everything 10/10! Spectacular, impressive... We’ve been incredibly happy and we highly recommend it. Really, a million thanks for everything. Laura, Maldives for all
It’s been a spectacular trip!! There are no words to explain how much we have enjoyed it, thank you very much! The organisation has been perfect! Nacho, Maldives for all
The trip to the Maldives was wonderful! We fell in love with the hotel and everything else. It’s been an unforgettable experience! Thanks for everything, we will definitely come back to you when we plan another trip. Alina, Maldives for all
Singapore and Hong Kong were even better than we expected. Shanghai far exceeded our expectations. Josep Maria, Singapore, city of contrasts
The trip to Cambodia went very well. The hotel was fantastic. Angkor Wat does not disappoint. Josep Maria, History and culture in Cambodia

Other Regions in Asia


India, islands & Himalayas

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Let yourself be carried away by the exoticism of India, Sri Lanka and the Himalayas, and get lost among the paradise atolls and crystal clear waters of the Maldives.


Middle East

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Land of abrupt contrasts, modern cities that arise in the middle of the desert, a cradle of religions, mesmerising wild landscapes... The Middle East will not disappoint you.


Southeast Asia

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Walk the narrow streets of Bangkok, discover the best street food in Kuala Lumpur and get lost among thousands and thousands of islands, crystal clear waters, jungles, volcanoes, mangroves…


Central and Eastern Asia

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Join us along the Silk Road, which will take you from the domes and intricate mosaics of Central Asia and the Mongolian steppes, to the exoticism of the Far…

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