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Rediscover the earth from the space.

Bru&Bru Space Perspective

This is the beginning of a new Era. Explore the limits of space in a pressurized capsule and propelled by a space balloon in the safest and most sustainable way. With technology patented by SPACE PERSPECTIVE.

BRU&BRU is the only Authorised Explorer Advisor agency in Spain and Andorra to market space flights in the Neptune spacecraft.

Once again, Ana Bru will be the first Spanish explorer to travel to the limits of space becoming a Legacy Explorer Pioneer.

Space is within your reach.

Plan your expedition, Space is the place!

Tribute to the earth from space by Ana Bru

We do not travel into space to escape from our planet, we do it to better appreciate its beauty and to be aware of how fragile and tiny we are in the vastness of the universe.
Commercial space travel is a reality and as an adventurer and explorer one of my greatest desires is to share my experience with you and join me on this transcendental journey. Space is the Place!

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    Bru&Bru Space Perspective
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    Bru & Bru Space Perspective authorised exploration advisor
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A space capsule experience within your reach

Space travel has never been so accessible and safe as it is today. If you're fit for commercial flight, you're fit for our Neptune capsule. Next stop: The edge of space!

Take me up there!
BRU & BRU Exclusive travel desinger - Space Perspective authorized exploration advisor

Kennedy Space Centre was created by NASA for the manned Apollo programe to the Moon -

Is there a better place to start our adventure?
Once you've settled into your accommodation, you'll meet the Space Perspective team for a tour of the facility, including a briefing and safety briefing. Afterwards, you'll have time to relax with your immediate surroundings.

Bru & Bru Space Perspective authorised exploration advisor
Bru & Bru Space Perspective authorised exploration advisor
Bru & Bru Space Perspective authorised exploration advisor

You will travel to the edge of space aboard a capsule propelled by a space balloon at a speed of 20 km/h until you reach a height of 30 kilometres and see the curvature of the earth.

For six unforgettable hours, you will ascend to the edge of space and join the lucky few - only 600 or so - who have seen our home from that perspective. No rocket propulsion, no gravitational pull.

For the first two hours you will ascend comfortably without any impact on your body, just relax and enjoy the incredible views. Once at the edge of space it will be time to raise our glasses and toast with champagne a unique milestone in our lives.

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Neptune Spaceship has been developed to be the most accessible, most sustainable and safest spacecraft on planet Earth.

It consists of the space balloon, the backup descent system and the Neptune capsule. Nine luxurious reclining seats for eight space explorers and a pilot.

Bru&Bru Space Perspective
Bru & Bru Space Perspective authorised exploration advisor

The Neptune spacecraft lifts into space with our SpaceBalloon, powered by renewable hydrogen, without rockets and without the associated carbon footprint.

Instead of taking off, we rise slowly at 20 km/h, making the experience accessible to anyone medically fit to fly with a commercial airline. Our balloon is a proven technology, used for decades by our team on missions with NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy and sensitive instruments


We will gently descend until we gently splash down in the water and, thanks to the cone-shaped design of the ship.

We will float until we are picked up by our Space Perspective ship.


“It is always exciting to be pioneer in innovative projects like Space Perspective”

Ana Bru

Space Perspective Legacy Explorer 

Values and purpose

Learn more about Space Perspective and the experience you are going to start.

When was Space Perspective founded?

In 2019 Jane Poynter founded Space Perspective with her husband Taber MacCallum. Taber MacCallum, he is the current president of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and co-founder and chief technology officer of Space Perspective, a manned spaceflight company that plans to take people and payloads to the edge of space by balloon. Jane Poynter is an American aerospace executive, author and speaker. She is founder, co-CEO and CXO of Space Perspective, a luxury space travel company.

How big is the SpaceBalloon?

It has a volume of 18,000,000 cubic feet when fully expanded. This means that if a football stadium could fly, it could float inside a fully inflated SpaceBalloon™. When the Neptune spacecraft is ready for launch, the SpaceBalloon™ is over 700 feet tall.

What happens to the balloon at the end of the space flight?

The entire spacecraft is reused many times, except for the material the SpaceBalloon is made of. At the end of the flight, our team recovers the SpaceBalloon and recycles it. We are also recycling some of the material. For example, the bar top inside the capsule is made from recycled SpaceBalloon.

Will we experience weightlessness?

Weightlessness (also known as zero gravity) is the result of free fall. People experience it in orbit because the spacecraft is going 17,500 mph and is literally falling around the planet - the velocity counteracts gravity. On Neptune you go into space at 12 mph, so you don't experience weightlessness.

Is any training required?

No special training is required, making this the most accessible spaceflight experience available. You will be asked to participate in a pre-flight programe to help you fully immerse yourself in the experience. These programes will cover everything from a full safety briefing, to a tour of the Neptune spacecraft, to an overview of what will happen outside the capsule during ascent and descent.

How can the Netpune spacecraft be zero emissions?

Instead of accelerating into space with high-energy rockets that fight gravity, the SpaceBalloon Neptune uses gravity through buoyancy. The gas inside the SpaceBalloon is lighter than the surrounding air, so it literally lifts the balloon and capsule to equilibrium above 99% of the Earth's atmosphere, where it floats, like an ice cube floating on water. To descend, the spacecraft releases a tiny amount of gas that turns into water, making the vehicle technically near-zero emissions.

Is the company carbon neutral?

We are continuously working to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Our operations continue to produce carbon emissions, which we offset through projects that remove our CO2 from the atmosphere for us. We offset our 2021 carbon emissions with Cool Effects. We also carefully choose suppliers who continually strive to be sustainable. For example, our swag, products from.

We answer your questions

Space Perspective has one mission: To make space travel known to as many people as possible in a safe and sustainable way. For space and science lovers who always go further than the rest. Watch what you dream, BRUB&BRU can make it come true

What is the price per seat on a flight?

125.000 USD per explorer.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A refundable deposit of 1000 USD is required to secure your spot on one of our flights.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes. The deposit is 100% refundable until such time as the final balance payment is due around 12 months prior to the planned flight.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, and select cryptocurrencies.

What happens after I make my deposit?

After your deposit has been received, you are part of the Space Perspective community. You will receive a welcome gift, regular updates via email and social media, and exclusive event invitations such as major milestone celebrations and behind-the-scenes tours of our facilities. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow Space Explorers and build bonds to last a lifetime.

When is the first flight scheduled to start?

The first commercial flights are planned for the end of 2024.

How many people can fly together in the capsule?

8 explorers and the Space Perspective pilot.

How long is the flight?

The flight lasts approximately 6 hours, from launch to splashdown. Spaceship Neptune ascends for 2 hours, floats, reaches a maximum altitude of 30 km for two hours, and descends gently for about two hours before splashing down in the ocean where a ship is waiting to pick you up.

What will we see on the flight?

Amazing and exciting views, we will ascend into a starry sky, to see a new perspective of the earth from space. And see how the sun rises from the curvature of the horizon. Illuminating we can see over 700 kilometres from all directions in a 360 degree panorama.

Will food and drink be allowed on board?

Yes, of course. The Spaceship Neptune is equipped with a bar, for a Champagne toast at the height of the flight. In-flight culinary experience.

Take me up there!

Limited places available

This story began thousands of years ago, driven by the intrinsic human desire to explore the universe, innovate and build a better future for all. That future is here today and space will soon be within reach of every human being! At BRU & BRU, we feel very proud to have joined the Space Perspective adventure and to form part of the incredible history of space flight. Recover the illusion and treat yourself to the most unique experience, which will mark a before and after in your life. Would you like to join us?

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