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Japan Traditional and trendy Japan

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Japan is a charming land full of contrasts, a journey between the past and the present that will definitely surprise you. You will be dazzled by its strange and…

gonzalo japan

Japan Japan, the Empire of the Senses

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Epicurean, the Greek philosopher, said that through pleasure one can reach ataraxia, and therefore the absence of pain, aponia. Of course, things are a bit more complex… But when…

Japan Properties

mandarin oriental tokyo

Japan Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

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Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo enjoys a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking city skyline. Surrounded by the chic shops and offices of…

hyatt regency kyoto

Japan Hyatt Regency Kyoto

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Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a stylish design hotel located in the traditional and historic area of Higashiyama Shichijo, in the heart of Kyoto. Situated just a few minutes away…

araya totoan

Japan Araya Totoan

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Araya Totoan is one of the most established ryokan in Yamashiro onsen hot spring resort. In authentic Japanese Sukiya style rooms, facing a tranquil garden with beautiful trees and…

beniya mukayu

Japan Beniya Mukayu

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Nestled in the mountains, Beniya Mukayu is a haven of peace with a zen-like atmosphere. The hosts are committed to preserving their region and ancestry while sharing local traditions…

Japan Aman Kyoto

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Aman Kyoto’s pavilions are a contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inns, in a landscape of spectacular gardens.

the ritz-carlton kyoto

Japan The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

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The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto redefines luxury in a city that transcends expectations. Set along the banks of the Kamogawa river and featuring panoramic views of the Higashiyama Mountain, the hotel…

gora kadan

Japan Gora Kadan

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Gora Kadan is not a hotel, but a traditional Japanese ryokan. Located on the grounds of the former summer villa of a member of the Imperial family, the building…

palace hotel tokyo

Japan Palace Hotel Tokyo

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With an incomparable perspective and just opposite the Imperial Palace gardens, the Palace Hotel Tokyo is a haven of hospitality – serene and refined, and imbued with understated luxury throughout.

aman tokyo

Japan Aman Tokyo

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A sanctuary at the top of the Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo’s sleek design is rooted in ritual; a perfect balance of urban dynamism and cultural sensibility.

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Discover some of Japan’s most emblematic icons: samurai culture, the fascinating world of geishas, the authentic tea ceremony, katanas, kimonos, the exquisite cuisine and the new trends of a country that always looks forward without losing sight of its roots.

Other Countries in Central and Eastern Asia



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Georgia is located at the intersection between Europe and Asia; an old Soviet Republic that stretches from the Caucasus Mountains to the beaches of the Black Sea.



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Uzbekistan’s history is reflected in its mosques, madrasas, minarets and mausoleums of intricate blue and green mosaics, ancient fortresses, exotic bazaars...



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In Turkey, East and West coexist: its landscapes, its people, its culture and cuisine are combined to reflect the bond of two continents, two capitals (one of them historical)…



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Mongolia is an ideal destination for those who have a nomadic heart and enjoy the most unspoilt and remote nature.


North Korea

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North Korea is the most isolated nation in the world; an unsettling but fascinating place unlike any other destination you've visited before.



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There is an out of the ordinary, free of agglomerations China, and at BRU&BRU we love it!


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