To speak of Dubai is to speak of contrasts, of how a pearl-gathering fishing village became the fourth most visited country in the world and a modern metropolis. Where everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

We had 76 hours to reach our goals and know the future before anyone else, and we found the answers at the Dubai Expo.


Emirates Airlines welcomed us on a smooth and attentive flight with impeccable service. On arrival, the Marhaba service was waiting for us, escort and quick access to all the bureaucracy to enter the Emirates: immigration, security arches, luggage collection, and chauffeur service.

Dubai, 76 h in the future
Dubai, 76 h in the future

The Address chain and more specifically the brand new and excellent Fountain View was our home for the 2 nights in Dubai, with comfort and service Emirates style.

Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Burj Kalifa was indescribable.

Bru & Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer

The first Expo in 1851 was held in London's iconic Crystal Palace to showcase the inventions of the Industrial Revolution. And more than 170 years later Dubai hosts today's vision divided into three concepts across pavilions and zones.

With a clear and concise message. "Connecting our minds and building the future" through Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

The same values that BRU& BRU Exclusive Travel Designer stands for.

Bru & Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer

The conference took place in the Swedish Pavilion under the name "The Revival of Airships: Pioneering the new era of sustainable travel", in a round table format.
The aim of the conference was to check the progress and future of sustainable travel through airships, where some of the most important experts in the industry participated.

Where BRU&BRU had active participation as advisors and shareholders: With a Charter flight with the organizing company OceanSky Cruises, a Cabin for two, and Ana Bru's Pioneer flight. She became the first Spanish woman to fly on the first North Pole Expedition.

Bru&Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer
Bru&Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer
Bru & Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer

Dubai is transformed when the sun goes down, the heat goes down and people go out to have fun. The Expo takes on a whole new meaning, entertainers and activities in the pavilions give them a livelier outlook.

The restaurants on Bluewaters Island become a hive of life and fun, where we were able to sample delicious Italian dishes at the elegant Alici.

Bru & Bru Travel Story Pau Ferrer
Bru&Bru Travel story Dubai Pau Ferrer

Dubai never disappoints and there is always a reason to stop over in this amazing city.

Bru& Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer
Bru&&Bru Travel Story Dubai Pau Ferrer

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