"If you wish, you can take off your shoes and forget about them throughout your stay. Walking barefoot is part of our philosophy"

This is the original suggestion that the host of Six Senses Laamu makes us, as soon as we arrive at the small island of Kadhdhoo, from which we will be transferred by speedboat to the small paradise where the hotel is located.

We will discover the beauty of nature, the importance of sustainability.


It may seem a bit surprising at first, but shortly after, upon reaching our destination, the phrase makes total sense.
The connection with the land, the sea, and nature is of great importance in this place, and barefoot is the best way to enjoy it.

Six Senses Laamu is the only resort located on the remote Laamu Atoll, at the southern tip of the Maldives. This atoll made up of a total of 82 islands, of which only 12 are inhabited, is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved in the Indian Ocean.

This is not by chance. The team and management of Six Senses Laamu have put great effort and work into the conservation and protection of this environment, in collaboration with the communities and local authorities.

Commitment to sustainability and the environment is part of the DNA of Six Senses.

They prove it with every action that they take and which their guests can perceive in every little detail.

Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 2
Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 1

In its architecture predominate the natural materials, mainly wood, with simple shapes that blend into the island's landscape, avoiding any stridency.

Its overwater villas stand out for their spectacular outdoor bathrooms with showers suspended over a transparent water lagoon where you can observe colorful fish while you are showering.

Its minimalist design offers an excellent level of comfort and service.

Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 3
Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 4

With the purpose of having a positive impact on the environment, Six Senses Laamu collaborates with local communities, supporting traditional cultural activities, as well as financing and participating in education and service improvement programs in neighboring islands.

Increasingly strong ties have been forged with local fishermen acquiring part of their catch. In the early hours of the morning, it is common for the chef to meet them after the fishing day, and on many occasions, he buys them fresh fish or “catch of the day” that can be enjoyed at Zen, their Japanese restaurant.

A very interesting aspect of this place is that some of the nearby inhabited islands can be visited in the company of one of the members of the Six Senses team, which adds a very attractive cultural component to the trip.

There are very few inhabited islands in this beautiful atoll but deserted and idyllic ones, there are many!
Some of the most beautiful are very close to the resort, so the dream of enjoying the exclusivity of a desert island for a day, savoring an excellent picnic prepared by the hotel's chef, can become a dream come true here!


One of the most important tasks carried out by the Six Senses Laamu team of marine biologists is preserving the wealth of their seagrass. Source of food for many schools of fish, turtles, and other species, these "gardens" of algae are of great importance to them, and unlike other resorts, they have chosen to keep and preserve them, rather than get rid of them.

Its wealth of seabed includes, among others, the spectacular stingray sanctuary that is in one of the coral reefs that surround the island, just 15 kilometers by boat from the resort.

Dolphins, sharks, or turtles are also abundant in its waters, and it is very common to find some of them while diving or snorkeling from the door of the villas.


And what about on land?

One of the key features of Six Senses Laamu is that it is located on a lush island, full of vegetation and palm trees, ideal for touring it on the personalized bicycles that wait with the names of the guests at the doors of their villa.

Pedaling its paths every morning produces a unique feeling of happiness and freedom. It is a tour that frees you from any accumulated stress and takes you to the most natural of your essence, without worries, enjoying with all your senses.

Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 5

And if the enjoyment of the senses is what we are talking about, then the culinary journey that Six Senses Laamu offers through its different gastronomic spaces is remarkable.

It is essential to enjoy an evening by the hand of his charismatic sommelier Karim, in one of his themed dinners —we recommend not to miss the “Around the World” menu with organic wine pairing, a real delight! -, or the typical Maldivian cooking class with the charming chef Mode, as well as the nights with different specialties offered in its Longitude restaurant, where the Asian street food market or the Mediterranean night stand out.

Leaf, its organic restaurant, offers an excellent menu of dishes that blend styles from all over the world with top-quality products, some of them grown directly in the organic garden above which the restaurant is located.

Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 6
Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 7

The delicate essence of incense points the way to the Six Senses Spa, surrounded by huge palm trees and cuddled by the sounds of the sea and nature. The breeze and the sound of the birds gently accompany you, while you enjoy one of the treatments offered by its excellent team of therapists.

How lucky I was to meet dear Anil from  Sri Lanka! Such a great expert in Ayurveda therapies! The best hands in the world!


Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 8

In addition to this, for those who want to keep their physical shape or even improve it, at Six Senses Laamu they have some of the best professionals in the field.

Here we have enjoyed excellent yoga classes with Hemant, our demanding and motivating teacher. “Yes, you can!”, he encouraged us when we hesitated to get on the fabric from which we would hang ourselves during one of his aerial yoga classes. The Tropicsurf team oversees everything related to this practice and for the rest of the water sports, they have some of the most cutting-edge equipment and professionals who accompany you throughout all your practice days.



The "sustainability tour" through the island is a very interesting experience in which, accompanied by an expert in the field, you can learn more about some of the actions that are carried out from its sustainable laboratory: the Earth Lab.

In Six Senses Laamu I have rediscovered the pleasure of simple things, like walking barefoot in direct contact with the Earth.

It is a place where customer satisfaction and enjoyment are a priority, as well as care and respect for a unique environment, that of the beautiful Laamu Atoll, in the Indian Ocean.

Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 10
Bru&Bru Maldives the importance of sustainability by Esther Moreno 9

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