A trip to South America, and especially to Chile, is always a reunion with old memories and experiences.


Going back to Easter Island was one of those moments. To connect again with nature and to feel that bond with the authentic and pure spirit of the island filled me with energy.

Easter Island, officially Rapa Nui, was known in its local language as Te pito o te henua, “the Earth’s navel” and Mata ki te rango, “Eyes that look at the sky”. Names that somehow gather the extraordinary and powerful symbology of the island.

Isla de Pascua

Located in the South Pacific, and belonging to Chile, the island is one of the main tourist destinations in the country due to its natural beauty and the Rapanui mysterious ancestral culture, whose relevant vestige are the huge statues known as moais.

Isla de Pascua_moáis

Although the island is nowadays much more visited by tourists than years ago, I was glad to discover that there has been a high work on nature conservation and preservation.

With this in mind, Rapa Nui people manages the Rapa Nui National Park, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, through the Ma’u Henua Polynesian Indigenous Community.

Isla de Pascua

During my time in the island I stayed at the Explora Rapa Nui, an excellent property in a privileged location from which you can enjoy all the different explorations offered. The environment is absolutely spectacular and they have high level services. It offers you high comfort and an exquisite gastronomy. I was glad to be able to stay there as it was not yet built when I first visited the island time ago, when I stayed at the Rapa Nui Houses.

Explora Rapa Nui Hotel

I really enjoyed my stay rediscovering the island and being able to go across the markets and local shops. The passion that locals profess for their way of life and the love they have for their island are contagious. The energy that a place like this provides to your soul is extraordinary.

Doubtlessly, a destination to keep in mind to recharge yourself from time to time.

Isla de Pascua_moái
Isla de Pascua_moái

After my days in the island I went back to the continent and, after a quick stay in Santiago de Chile, my route brought me to Atacama. New explorations in a totally different environment, but as attractive as those of Easter Island.

Rediscovering Easter Island and Atacama

During the days prior to a very special event (as it was the total solar eclipse I explained here), my visit to Atacama enabled me to experience a first contact with the sky and the stars. The contrast between the mountains in the Valley of the Moon with the Chilean blue sky is one of the most powerful colour combinations I have ever seen.

Valle de la Luna

The Explora Atacama Hotel, located in San Pedro de Atacama, enables you to live extraordinary contrasts among its explorations. One of them is to enjoy a walk by the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountains), where we will trick our camera’s lens, as it will show the salt as it was pure snow.

Rediscovering Easter Island and Atacama

But not all would be desert in this trip! I took the opportunity to have a break at the Puritama Hotsprings, located at the end of a canyon 28 kilometres north of San Pedro de Atacama. Local people from the area considers this hot river that runs at 33.5ºC as to have medicinal properties.

Termas Baños de Puritama

And before leaving the Explora Atacama Hotel, on my way to my next destination in my Chilean route I had the opportunity of meeting again one of my first guides in the area. Rosita showed me some of the most beautiful places in Atacama in the past, and it filled me with joy to meet her again, and see that she is still deeply in love with this destination as she was years ago.


Rediscovering Easter Island and Atacama

Because, as we always say in BRU & BRU, the important thing is not where, but what you do and with whom.

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