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Chile Opposite sides in Awasi

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Discover Awasi Atacama and Awasi Patagonia: two wonderful places and a unique trip. There, you will feel at home while you enjoy their fantastic and comfortable facilities, and delicious…

Chile Properties

awasi atacama

Chile Awasi Atacama

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Awasi Atacama is located inside an ancient site surrounded by a historic wall, which housed shepherds and herders for years. This stone, wood and clay house inspired by an…

explora atacama

Chile Explora Atacama

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In harmony with the surroundings and local traditions, Explora Atacama offers the discovery of the essence of nature and a philosophy of traveling that seeks to satisfy the desire…

BRU & BRU - Exclusive Travel Designer - Chile-Bolivia - Travesia Explora Uyuni

Chile Explora Travesía Uyuni

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Crossing the desert, from Chile to Bolivia, in a 4x4 vehicle, led by an expert explora guide and a local driver, this Travesía Atacama-Uyuni is a journey meant for…

hacienda vira vira

Chile andBeyond Vira Vira

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The exceptional andBeyond Vira Vira is located in a beautiful park with natural lagoons, rivers, organic farm and breathtaking views of the Villarrica Volcano.

explora rapa nui

Chile Explora Rapa Nui

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Explora Rapa Nui mixes local guides, local understanding, and explorations to discover the mysteries and unique charm of Easter Island, the world's most isolated island.

awasi patagonia

Chile Awasi Patagonia

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Awasi Patagonia is located inside a private reserve neighbouring Torres del Paine National Park, from where you can enjoy imposing views of the Torres peaks and Lake Sarmiento. The…

explora patagonia

Chile Explora Patagonia

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Anchored like a white ship on the shores of turquoise Lake Pehoé, Explora Patagonia's unique location sets travelers literally in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park, while…

Chile CasaMolle Villa & Golf

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Located in the Elqui Valley, CasaMolle Villa & Golf is sheltered between high peaks and rocky outcrops under the clearest sky of the Southern Hemisphere and enjoys a mild…

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There is no other destination on the planet that offers this landscape and climate variety. From the world's most arid desert to the millenary ices of Patagonia, Chile is going to satisfy your needs and fulfill every travelers' most demanding expectations.

The experience at Awasi has been spectacular, simply unbeatable. The personalised attention and the exquisite and affectionate treatment that we have received is unbeatable. We heard about Awasi from BRU&BRU, an agency that I’ve known for a couple of years now, and I believe they are the best in terms of care and customer service. My expectations have been covered and I would say, surpassed. Tori, Opposite sides in Awasi

Other Countries in South America


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Traveling to Colombia only has a risk: you wanting to stay! You can feel the country’s captivating vibrations and positive atmosphere as soon as you get there.



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Trek the legendary Inca Trail, witness the powerful history of Machu Picchu, admire the mysterious Nazca lines, sail on Lake Titicaca, savour the best Peruvian cuisine in Lima… What…

falkland islands

Falkland Islands

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Wild beaches, beautiful and remote landscapes, and an incredible bird life. This is the Falkland Islands: a hidden place in the South Atlantic Ocean where silence is only broken…



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Ecuador can brag about having the densest biodiversity in the planet, containing hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna that inspired Charles Darwin almost two centuries ago.



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Lights, colour, warmth, rhythm, beaches, jungle, rivers, islands, culture, cuisine, adventure... This and more is what you can find in Brazil, a country of great contrasts.



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Nature, culture, adventure ... Be surprised by Bolivia’s landscapes, rich history, ancestral traditions and the kindness and warmth of its people.



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From the Andes to Mar del Plata, going through the vast pampas, in Argentina you will find a country that goes beyond its geographical limits.

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