Argentina Properties

Argentina Llao Llao Resort, Golf & SPA

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One of our favourite hotels in Argentinian Patagonia, with amazing views of Cerro Tronador mountain peak and other lakes and forests around.

alvear palace

Argentina Alvear Palace Hotel

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Originally built as a luxury hotel to accommodate the increasing amount of European visitors arriving in Buenos Aires at the time, the Alvear Palace was transformed in 1932 into…

alvear art

Argentina Alvear Art Hotel

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The Alvear Art Hotel emerges as an innovative proposal in Buenos Aires, backed up by the tradition of the Alvear Palace Hotel.

casa de uco

Argentina Casa de Uco Wine Hotel & Spa

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Can you imagine having your own vineyard in Argentina? Casa de Uco is a boutique winery and hotel in 320 hectares of private vineyards, located in the region of…

eolo patagonia

Argentina Eolo

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Eolo embodies the spirit of Patagonia, its indigenous roots, the personal experiences of the first European and Criollo settlers and those of the adventurers from across the world who…

BRU&BRU Viajes exclusivo Argentina Explora Chalten

Argentina Explora El Chaltén, Patagonia Argentina

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Much before it became an attractive destination for explorers, Patagonia was inhabited by the Tehuelche, a group of tall indigenous people with large feet and nomadic habits. While there…

BRU & BRU - Exclusive Travel Designer - Argentina Patagonia - Travesia Salta - Explora

Argentina Explora Travesía Salta

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The explora Travesías were created to deeply explore The Andes and the Calchaquíes valleys.

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From North to South, its nature has the power to make the travelers feel overwhelmed, and presumably insignificant. From Ushuaia, the most austral city of the planet, where the world is said to begin and end, to the Tropic boundary, next to Brazil and Paraguay, where Iguazu Falls are found, Argentina will not fail to impress you.

Other Countries in South America


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Traveling to Colombia only has a risk: you wanting to stay! You can feel the country’s captivating vibrations and positive atmosphere as soon as you get there.



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Trek the legendary Inca Trail, witness the powerful history of Machu Picchu, admire the mysterious Nazca lines, sail on Lake Titicaca, savour the best Peruvian cuisine in Lima… What…

falkland islands

Falkland Islands

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Wild beaches, beautiful and remote landscapes, and an incredible bird life. This is the Falkland Islands: a hidden place in the South Atlantic Ocean where silence is only broken…



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Ecuador can brag about having the densest biodiversity in the planet, containing hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna that inspired Charles Darwin almost two centuries ago.



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Discovering Chile is opening to a new world of attractions: deserts, lakes and volcanoes, vineyards, glaciers and the most assorted cuisine. It's the perfect mixture between natural landscapes, ancestral…



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Lights, colour, warmth, rhythm, beaches, jungle, rivers, islands, culture, cuisine, adventure... This and more is what you can find in Brazil, a country of great contrasts.



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Nature, culture, adventure ... Be surprised by Bolivia’s landscapes, rich history, ancestral traditions and the kindness and warmth of its people.

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