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Melali. In Bali, this charming word not only means “to forget” but also indicates any expedition which has no clear or practical objective. A stroll, a visit without asking first, a favour or to drive all over town at the Galungan festivities.

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From the horrible boxed concrete resorts that ruined the south of the island, to the mass tourism and debauchery in Kuta, at times Bali feels more like the Island of Demons than the Island of Gods. But if you look with the right kind of eyes, Bali has not changed. It lives according to the old law, resisting every encroachment. The mountains, the gorges, the rice-fields, the palm-clad hills are the same as ever.

They are the same people, from one generation to the next, cheerful for the most part, gentle and quick to forget; we will never understand them quite and never learn their secret to their placidity and resignation. Many of them are artists and they will always make new music for the gamelan and carve new figures in wood and stone and write new plays and dance new dances. And finally, the gods haven’t changed either, and as long as they are throned in a thousand temples and inhabit every river, mountain, tree and field, Bali too, will not change.

Together with Gonzalo you will discover the true essence of Bali, that which lies under the surface.

Key points:

Travelling with Gonzalo

Gonzalo will take you on a journey to break away from anything and everything that is holding you back. It’s not just about travel, it’s about deep and profound transformation.

Some people say that when you stay in a place for too long you lose the surprise element, the thing that makes your head turn around. To be honest, Gonzalo confesses that he gets tired very quickly. Probably that’s why he is always on the move. But for some reason there are a few cities and destinations in the world he is always drawn to and were each time and each visit feels like the first time.

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Discover all of Gonzalo’s journeys!

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