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Situated in the ancient city of Varanasi, close to the sacred waters of the river Ganges and set amidst gardens, fields and orchards, the Taj Nadesar Palace is a haven for those seeking both inner and outer peace.

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nadesar palace
nadesar palace
nadesar palace
nadesar palace
nadesar palace
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The Taj Nadesar Palace is a tasteful amalgamation of old world opulence and new world elegance. Each bespoke experience offered has been meticulously crafted and stands testament to this very amalgamation.

The rooms are enriched with artwork from the Maharaja’s own collection and authentic furniture. The hues of the rooms are inspired from the marigolds and jasmines which are offered to the holy Ganges.

Unwinding at the Taj Nadesar Palace is nothing short of divine. Tee off at the mini golf course, take a guided tour of the history-soaked palace in the Royal Horse Carriage driven by the person whose family has been serving the royal family since generations or relax at the Jiva Spa, where you can try the rejuvenating Abhisheka treatment, which draws inspiration from time-honoured Indian purifying rituals.

Key points:

  • Location: In Varanasi.
  • Accommodation: Palace Rooms, Historical Suites and Royal Suites.
  • Activities:Cultural visits, Ganga Aarti ceremonies, Yoga, meditation, wellness and beauty treatments.
  • Cuisine: Taste exquisite Indian and global cuisine set in the present but reminiscent of a glorious past.
  • Best season: From October to March.
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nadesar palace

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