Be enthralled by the wildlife. Experience the thrill of approaching the animals in their natural environment and discover nature at its highest, the struggle for survival and the essence of the strongest.


Experience all that planet Earth has to offer!

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Our safaris go beyond Africa and they offer a new vision of nature from land, water and air.

Recommended Safari Trips

Antarctica: Early Emperors

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Celebrate spring in India at the Holi & Hola Mohalla Festivals

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Namibia, another world

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South African experiences

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Zambia: beyond the Victoria Falls

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gorilla rwanda

Gorilla experience in Rwanda

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safari kenia

Classic safari in Kenya

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golf africa

More than golf in Africa

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okavango horse safari

Okavango Horse Safari

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safari nature africa

Nature and adventure in Africa

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aerial safari africa

Aerial safari: flying over Africa

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The gorilla experience

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gorillas congo

Looking for the Gorillas

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Arctic safari on a private sailing boat

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bears in canada

Canada: passionate about bears

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