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Epicurean, the Greek philosopher, said that through pleasure one can reach ataraxia, and therefore the absence of pain, aponia. Of course, things are a bit more complex… But when we travel with Gonzalo, the aim is to understand and be part of the local culture, food and people; through them, little by little, we can learn more about us. Do you want to discover the true essence of Japan?

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Osaka is not the most beautiful city in the world, but there is something that no one can deny. Osaka is the city of kuidaore, a word that literally means “to eat and drink until you can’t do it anymore”. And in Osaka, this is possible, since there are so many recipes that are unique, like the takoyaki, some sort of pancake textured balls with octopus on the inside. Or the okonomiyaki, which is as hard to define as it is to pronounce, but which is delicious. The list could go on and on but it is better to live it than to tell it.

Temples, history and tradition, that’s Kyoto. With 30 million visitors a year, Kyoto also means tourism, a lot of tourism. That’s why, with Gonzalo, you will discover the most important things. You will enter the Nishiki market, which you will be able to compare with other markets. In Gion, the old quarter, you’ll be able to explore the river area and the quieter parks as if you were a local.

And to experience something truly authentic, you will travel to Kanazawa and you’ll get lost in the old town while you enjoy the most authentic cuisine. And if there is one thing that truly defines Kanazawa, it’s the market. Why? Well, it’s very simple: crabs of all kinds, sea urchins, oden – a soup based on dashi – and much more.

And of course, Tokyo. Tokyo is a universe in itself and it can’t be described in two paragraphs, but get ready, because it will surprise you. As always, with Gonzalo you will get away from the hordes of tourists and focus on the most interesting things: the people, the culture and of course, the food!

Japan has a lot to offer, and with Gonzalo you will be able to discover it.

Key points:

Travelling with Gonzalo

Gonzalo will take you on a journey to break away from anything and everything that is holding you back. It’s not just about travel, it’s about deep and profound transformation.

Some people say that when you stay in a place for too long you lose the surprise element, the thing that makes your head turn around. To be honest, Gonzalo confesses that he gets tired very quickly. Probably that’s why he is always on the move. But for some reason there are a few cities and destinations in the world he is always drawn to and were each time and each visit feels like the first time.

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