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Discover Indonesia from a different perspective, travelling back to the past and exploring the wonderful islands of Borneo, Sulawesi and Flores, where you will be able to get close to orangutans in their natural habitat and you will find traditional tribes and extremely beautiful landscapes.

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Kalimantan Tengah: Borneo

Tanjung Puting Natural Park is located in Central Borneo and it’s famous for its work on orangutan conservation. Orangutans are native from Malaysia and Indonesia and they can only be found in their natural habitat in these islands. In fact, the word “orangutan” derives from the Malaysian word oran, meaning “person”, and hutan, meaning “jungle”, as in person from the jungle.

This trip to Borneo will definitely be one of the most authentic experiences of your life. Sleeping in the jungle and waking up in the morning to the sounds of the animals is an amazing experience, and watching orangutan descending from their trees and getting close to you will leave you speechless. Our guide, member of the Dayak tribe, is the key to making this encounter a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He was raised in the jungle and he is one of the fewest people on earth to have witnessed the birth of an orangutan. Visiting the orangutans with him is a guarantee to live a unique experience, but you have to be in for it!


Sulawesi Island is one of the biggest of the Sunda Islands and it’s one of the most traditional and interesting regions of this country, as well as one of the most beautiful natural environments in Southeast Asia. Although the Toraja people are the most famous in Sulawesi, mostly because of their funerary rites, unique in the world, and because of their boat-shaped houses, they share the island with the Bugis and the Makassar. The trip to Sulawesi combines meeting traditional ethnic groups with admiring astonishing landscapes that are still unspoilt and far from the most touristic places.

You will be able to live a cultural immersion with the inhabitants of this island accompanied by our local Bugis guide. Also, you will admire the beauty of the islands’ landscapes and visit one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world: the cave paintings of the Leang Leang cave. During this trip you will have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable trekkings around Tana Toraja and sail in the Tempe Lake or the Bantingmurung River.

Nusa Tenggara Oriental (Flores)

Flores Island is one of the less explored, less touristic and more interesting regions of Indonesia. This island became famous in 2003, when archeologists found the remains of Homo floresiensis, nicknamed the Hobbit, an extinguished species of Homo approximately between 100.000 and 60.000 years old.

One of the highlights in Flores is visiting the three ethnic groups of the island: the Lio, the Ngadas and the Manggarai, who live in the jungle and still maintain their ancestral traditions.

In Flores you will see native traditional tribes, jungles, volcanoes, turquoise-water beaches, rice fields, waterfalls and hot springs, not to mention the biggest attraction in Flores, the Kelimutu volcano, featuring three lakes, the colours of which change at dawn. From Flores you can also travel to Komodo National Park to meet its most famous inhabitant!

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