Photography with Iñaki Relanzón

The photography trips with Iñaki Relanzón are much more than workshops or a simple holiday: they are vital experiences that will help you dive into the fascinating world of wildlife photography. You will learn the technique and animal behaviour while you wait for the perfect light to create incredible pictures in some of the most spectacular locations on the planet.


Iñaki is very committed to wildlife conservation, this is why 1% of the gains of his photography trips is donated to organisations working with endangered species.

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Madagascar, Iceland, United States, Indonesia and Kenia are some of our classic destinations, but we add new places to discover every year. We also offer the possibility of organising exclusive trips with family and friends, lovers of nature and photography.

Recommended Photography with Iñaki Relanzón Trips

yellowstone y costa del pacífico fotografía con iñaki relanzón

Yellowstone and the Pacific Coast with Iñaki Relanzón

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oeste americano fotografía con iñaki relanzón

Photographing the American West with Iñaki Relanzón

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galápagos photographic safari iñaki relanzón

Discover the Galapagos islands with Iñaki Relanzón

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malvinas fotografía iñaki relanzón

Photography trip to the Falkland Islands with Iñaki Relanzón

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kenya photographic safari iñaki relanzón

Photographic safari in Kenya with Iñaki Relanzón

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iceland photography iñaki relanzón

Photography in Iceland with Iñaki Relanzón

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emperor penguin

Looking for the emperor penguin with Iñaki Relanzón

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madagascar iñaki relanzón

Photography journey to Madagascar with Iñaki Relanzón

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