Gonzalo Gil Lavedra

Gonzalo is not easy to categorise. There are no tags or labels that could really fit him well. He is a mix of old school diplomat, with a tinge of wild, a passionate commitment for the arts, history, culture and people. Above all, always seeking to go deeper and beyond the surface of things. One thing we can tell you for sure is that he is a hopeless romantic a modern-day flâneur. Each journey with him is an unrepeatable and unscripted memory. In a nutshell, joining Gonzalo on an adventure is going back to the days when traveling was a revealing endeavour that changed your life.


You will find Gonzalo always looking for the details that escape the naked eye. From the back streets of Bangkok to the markets of Hanoi. From the raw alleys of Tokyo to the canals of Amsterdam. Over the mountain passes of Bolivia and through the bazaars of Istanbul, along the cobbled lanes of Galle in Sri Lanka, and in the heat of the hawker centres of Singapore - the list can go on.

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The hidden and the authentic are Gonzalo's natural elements. Armed with a notebook and a camera, his hunger for new emotions is inexhaustible. A seeker and observer of the world never drawing conclusions or judgments but always looking for answers.

Following his passion for travel, Gonzalo started a career in the Foreign Service while living in the Netherlands. From there, he continued on to different adventures which took him around the world. After years working in corporate positions, he has now taken on a fully nomadic life, covering different regions of the planet as distant and varied as possible. You might find him sipping some raki in a small tavern in Crete with a book in hand or drinking chicha in the Peruvian Andes. Always tirelessly exploring.

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