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Sail the oceans, the rivers and the seas, from the Arctic to Antarctica, from the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea to the warm waters of the Caribbean, including the Amazon and Irawadi rivers…


Yachts and cruises for the romantic or the adventurous, family getaways aboard a sailboat… Which one will you choose?

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The boat is very important, but so is the destination. Navigate the Peruvian Amazon to see the pink dolphins, discover the place that inspired Darwin, the Galapagos Islands, anchor on the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean and the French Polynesia, get to know Europe from its rivers and be surprised by the landscapes that you have closer to home.

Recommended Cruises & Yachts Trips

Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos Quark Expeditions al Ártico y Antártida, Crucero Ultramarine en Lemaire Channel, Foto de Acacia Johnson

Quark Expeditions

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galapagos sea star journey

Galapagos Sea Star Journey

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Alila Purnama

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necker belle

Necker Belle

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belmond road to mandalay

Road to Mandalay, A Belmond Boat

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aqua mekong

Aqua Mekong

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Bru & Bru agencia de viajes exclusivos - Oceanwide Expeditions, crucero en el Ártico y Antártida

Oceanwide Expeditions

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the silolona sojourn

The Silolona Sojourns

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Bru & Bru: aero crucero Antarctica XXI en la Antártida a bordo del Magellan Explorer, navegando por los icebergs

Antarctica XXI: Antarctica aero-cruise

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Arctic safari on a private sailing boat

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S/Y Ichiban

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soneva in aqua

Soneva in Aqua

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san lorenzo blue deer

Blue Deer San Lorenzo Sea Lodge

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