Celebrations & Events

We suggest a series of trips, activities and destinations that will help you turn your celebrations, incentives and events into unique and unforgettable experiences.


Turn a very special event into an unforgettable experience, a unique memory that you’ll remember all of your life.

Let’s plan your trip
celebrations and events

From a family anniversary to a dream wedding, the most original birthday party, a very exclusive event... You name it!

Recommended Celebrations & Events Trips

Celebrate spring in India at the Holi & Hola Mohalla Festivals

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Alila Purnama

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okavango horse safari

Okavango Horse Safari

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aerial safari africa

Aerial safari: flying over Africa

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la garrotxa

La Garrotxa from the air

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necker experience

The Necker experience

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necker belle

Necker Belle

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the silolona sojourn

The Silolona Sojourns

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Picturesque landscapes in Mongolia

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greece in style

Greece in style: your Mediterranean villa

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The treasures of Jordan

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tesoros de omán

Treasures of Oman

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S/Y Ichiban

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san lorenzo blue deer

Blue Deer San Lorenzo Sea Lodge

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